Do not rush to bury Sony smartphones. The company has more than doubled sales

Although only in quarterly terms.
Sony, among others, reported for the next fiscal quarter. For the Japanese giant, the third fiscal quarter of 2019 has recently ended.

During the reporting period, Sony earned about 22.5 billion dollars, increasing the figure by 3%. At the same time, operating profit fell by 20%, to $ 2.74 billion, and net profit – by 9%, to 2.83 billion.

The main divisions of Sony, in terms of revenue, are Game & Network Services, Electronics Products & Solutions, and Financial Services. The first brought the company $ 5.76 billion (a decline of 20%), the second – 5.93 billion (a decline of 8.8%), the third – 3.71 billion (an increase of 2.5 times). It can also be noted that the Music and Imaging & Sensing Solutions divisions also showed revenue growth.

But, probably, the most interesting thing for us is the indicators of smartphone sales. We have long been accustomed to the fact that Sony is doing pretty bad with this, but the past quarter was clearly the exception.

Sony managed to sell 1.3 million smartphones, which is more than twice as much as last quarter. True, it is still 27.8% less than a year earlier. But it’s worth noting that last year Sony sold only 12% more smartphones in the third fiscal quarter than in the second, and this year the difference was already 117%. It is not very clear what is due to this, since Sony did not have a single important smartphone at the end of last year. In any case, if things are going up, the company will be fine.

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