Diple Microscope Connected to Smartphone Provides 1000x Magnification

150,000 euros raised for Diple issue.
The Kickstarter website recently completed a fundraiser for the production of a Diple microscope connected to a smartphone. Expecting to collect at least 25,000 euros, the authors of the project were able to attract six times more – almost 150,000 euros.

According to the developers of Diple, the device is suitable for researchers, students and anyone interested in the microworld. The microscope provides a magnification of 1000 times. The image is displayed on the screen of the mobile device. It is possible to save both static images and video.

The advantages of Diple include the high image quality provided by the innovative optical design for which the patent application is filed.

Dimensions of the device – 17.6 x 10.0 x 4.0 cm.

Shipment should begin in June 2020

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