Dell looks towards AMD

It’s no secret that Intel is not able to arrange the supply of processors in the right amount. Of course, the shortage is affecting PC makers. Dell, which for many years remains a loyal customer of Intel, has lost patience and is ready to expand its purchases of AMD processors. This was announced by Dell CFO Tom Sweet, noting that Dell does not expect to improve the situation with the supply of Intel processors until the second half of 2020.

A Dell spokesperson’s comment followed a quarterly report that showed consumer PC sales fell 6% – allegedly due to a shortage of Intel processors.

AMD processors, released by a more advanced technical process, surpass Intel processors in the most important indicator – performance, referred to cost. The larger this gap becomes, the more tempting it will be for PC makers to switch to AMD processors.

We’ll clarify that this is not the first time that Dell will use AMD products in its PCs, but before that it was mainly GPUs, and the use of central processors was limited. In addition, the increased use of AMD processors does not mean that Dell will abandon Intel processors. It is about increasing the share of AMD-based systems in the total output. Buyers of configurations with AMD processors can attract the fact that they will be cheaper.

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