D-Wave provides COVID-19 wrestlers with free cloud access to quantum systems

D-Wave Systems, a quantum computer company, has announced its contribution to the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. All those involved in anti-coronavirus development get free access to D-Wave Systems quantum systems through the Leap cloud service.

INECA, DENSO, Forschungszentrum Jülich, Kyocera Corporation, KYOCERA Communication Systems, MDR / Cliffhanger, Menten AI, NEC Solution Innovators Ltd., OTI Lumionics, QAR Lab at LMU Munich, Sigma-i, Tohoku University and Volkswagen, who joined provide access to teams of specialists who can work with a quantum computer and formulate problems in a form suitable for it.

Everyone who fights COVID-19 in 35 countries of North America, Europe and Asia where the Leap service is available, including both state and private structures, can already get access to D-Wave quantum computers.

The recently launched Leap 2 service is available on a commercial basis, providing access to a hybrid solution that includes both quantum and traditional computing resources. According to D-Wave and its partners, a hybrid approach may be good for solving some of the complex problems associated with COVID-19, including analysis of new diagnostic methods, modeling of the spread of the virus, optimization of logistics in hospitals, distribution of supplies, determination of pharmaceutical combinations, etc. .P.

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