Czech programmers fired the minister and saved the country 16 million euros

The site on which they planned to spend this money was created in 2 days.
Very interesting news came from the Czech Republic that a group of programmers made a website over the weekend, on which the authorities planned to spend 16 million euros.

Initially, the public was outraged by the cost of the contract for the development of the site and applications for the sale of permits for expressways, as well as the fact that the tender was closed.

The owner of Actum Digital IT company Tomas Vondracek assembled a team of 60 programmers who literally wrote the program code of the website over the weekend and presented it to the state. Moreover, the finished site fully meets the conditions of the tender.

Already this Monday, earned in test mode, so far it gives the opportunity to purchase virtual coupons for a symbolic amount of several crowns. The proceeds will be spent on charity.

As for the Minister of Transport, Vladimir Kremlik, who agreed on a huge amount for the creation of the site, he was dismissed at the initiative of the Czech Prime Minister Andrei Babis, who visited the hackathon and saw how quickly the necessary resource was created.

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