“Cyborgs” in exoskeletons started working at a German airport [VIDEO]

At the airport of Stuttgart, Germany, loaders were given special exoskeletons. According to the developer, the unique design can significantly simplify the work and relieve fatigue from the muscles of workers.

The development of Cray X Exoskelett was handled by the German company German Bionics. Thanks to the support of the limbs and the strengthening of the action of muscles, people dressed in such a device can simultaneously carry much more cargo. This significantly reduces the load on the back.

The limit of 23 kilograms – the maximum weight of one baggage for most airlines, just exists due to the fact that a more healthy person can not lift without harm to health. However, company representatives noted that the appearance of exoskeletons would not affect baggage allowances, and their implementation is associated with the employer’s desire to increase labor productivity and reduce the number of staff needed for such routine work.

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