Crytek Releases Benchmark Neon Noir (video)

At the moment, ray tracing in games is, unfortunately, not very common. In fact, we have only a few games that support this technology.

All of them support Nvidia’s technology, which requires support for hardware acceleration of ray tracing, that is, video cards of the GeForce RTX family.

However, ray tracing may not be hardware related. Back in March, Crytek showed the Neon Noir demo, which uses this technology on any video card.

And today, Crytek introduced the Neon Noir benchmark. Resource WCCF Tech has already managed to test many 3D-cards in this test.

As you can see, in Full HD resolution at maximum graphics quality settings, absolutely all participants cope with the task. True, in fairness, the weakest of them – the Radeon RX Vega 56 – can hardly be called cheap. However, it demonstrates performance at 51 fps, so you can hope that the conditional Radeon RX 580/590 or GTX 1660 will also cope with the task, showing performance over 30 fps.

It is also worth noting that RTX video cards still have an advantage over everyone else, and very tangible.

If we talk about the resolution of 1440p, the situation is expected to get worse for all video cards, but still even the weakest does not fall below 30 fps.

Summing up, we can say that Crytek really succeeded in creating a ray tracing technology that works on any fairly modern and fairly efficient graphics card, and it works, that is, there are no complaints about performance.

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