Coronavirus outbreak will slow 5G progress

Earlier it was expected that over the year 190 million smartphones with 5G support will be released.
Referring to the Taiwanese representatives of the supply chain of microchips, the source claims that sales of smartphones with 5G support in this quarter will be lower than previously expected. Moreover, 5G progression is projected to slow down throughout the year.

One of the factors called the cancellation of the most important industry event – MWC 2020 due to an outbreak of coronavirus. Qualcomm and MediaTek, two of the world’s leading suppliers of single-chip systems for smartphones, have already expressed serious concern and have revised their 5G downstream SoC shipments.

In November, IDC analysts published a forecast saying that in 2020, 190 million 5G-enabled smartphones will be released. It is now clear that the actual figure will largely depend on when the market growth in China resumes, since the Chinese market, according to some estimates, will account for 70% of all sales.

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