Coronavirus has changed the requirements for smartphones. iPhone 9 will be on the wave of popularity

Face ID is no longer fashionable, users miss Touch ID.
With the outbreak of coronavirus, users were forced to rethink their requirements for smartphones. In Chinese social networks, the flaws of models with face scans instead of fingerprint recognition are widely discussed.

The Face ID function on the iPhone and its analogs on Android smartphones turn out to be completely useless and even dangerous in conditions when the population is wearing masks without a break to protect themselves from infection. Not everyone is ready to take off the mask every time you need to unlock your smartphone.

In social networks there are numerous discussions by Apple users, noting the benefits of older iPhone models that use the Touch ID fingerprint scanner over the new flagship iPhone with the trendy Face ID facial recognition system.

It is mainly about the iPhone 8 and iPhone SE models. Also, Chinese users with nostalgia recall Samsung technology, which recognizes users by the iris of the eye, which the Korean manufacturer refused.

In this regard, Apple fans are especially closely watching rumors about the imminent appearance of iPhone SE 2 or iPhone 9, which will be equipped with Touch ID. And if earlier it was considered as a relic of the past, a necessary measure for the sake of reduction in price, now the “disadvantage” can turn into a serious advantage.

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