Compact rugged smartphone with a good camera, large battery and walkie-talkie.

In mid-2018, Unihertz introduced a unique Atom smartphone. Not only was it, on the whole, apparently the most tiny modern smartphone, it was also protected.

However, compactness, like much else, is a relative concept. In the case of Atom, we are talking about a screen with a diagonal of only 2.45 inches, which is extremely small for a smartphone.

And so the manufacturer again came to Kickstarter with a similar, but larger model. It is called Atom XL and offers about the same, but more.

In particular, the display here now has a diagonal of 4 inches with a resolution of 1136 x 640 pixels, which is already quite suitable for a compact smartphone. At the same time, like the first Atom, the novelty is not a compromise when it comes to other parameters. The heart here is the SoC MediaTek Helio P60, there is 6 GB of RAM, and 128 GB of flash memory, and this is UFS 2.1. In addition, there is a main camera with a 48-megapixel sensor, a 4300 mAh battery with fast charging support, a USB-C port, an IR sensor, a fingerprint scanner and NFC.

The smartphone is characterized by dimensions of 134.5 x 65 x 17.5 mm and a weight of 224.5 g. It is protected from water and dust (IP68), and also complies with the MIL-TSD-810G standard. But that’s not all. Atom XL can act as a walkie-talkie, and you can attach a full antenna to it. The range is up to 8 km.

The cost of a smartphone as part of a fundraising campaign is from $ 220. In retail, it will cost $ 330. There is also an Atom L model, deprived of the function of a walkie-talkie, starting at $ 170 per campaign. In retail, it will rise in price to $ 280.

The campaign itself is already successful: with the requested $ 50,000, the manufacturer has already collected more than 400,000.

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