Coffee Lake is done. Intel discontinues Core i7-8700K and 23 other series processors

Intel has posted on its website a new Product Change Notification (PCN) number 117617-00, which refers to the discontinuation of Coffee Lake processors. A large number of processors are retiring, including the Core i7-8700K, 8700B, 8700, 8086K, Core i5-8600K, 8600T, 8600, 8500B, 8500, 8400, 8400T, Core i3-8350K, 8300T, 8300, 8100B, 8100 , Pentium G5600F, G5600T, G5600, G5500T, G5500, G5400, Celeron G4920 and G4900.

All these CPUs can be ordered until December 18 of this year, and the last shipment will take place in a year – June 4. As a reason for removing the CPU from production, there is a traditional wording about the shift in market demand towards other Intel products. In fact, the company needs to free up 14-nanometer capacities for other 14-nanometer CPUs – the same Comet Lake-S.

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