Cisco announces intention to acquire Exablaze

Exablaze Developments Must Play a “Key Role in Delivering Next Generation Platforms for Low Latency Applications”.
Today turned out to be rich in reports about the purchase of some companies by others. Cisco has announced its intention to acquire Exablaze, a private Australian company, a developer and manufacturer of advanced networking devices. Exablaze’s innovative designs and serial products include FPGAs, which provide the flexibility critical to ultra-low latency and high-performance applications. These next-generation products include advanced FPGA-based switches and network cards, as well as picosecond resolution synchronization technology.

Exablaze products provide horizontal scalability to meet a wide range of requirements, including next-generation applications in the areas of high-frequency trading, artificial intelligence, machine learning, supercomputer computing, cloud services, etc.

The amount of the transaction was not disclosed.

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