Chinese mobile giants will challenge Google Play

Their share in the global smartphone market in the past quarter amounted to 40.1%.
In an exclusive publication, Reuters reports that Xiaomi, Huawei Technologies, Oppo, and Vivo decided to join forces to create a platform for developers outside of China that allows them to simultaneously download applications to all branded app stores. According to Reuters, analysts believe that so the Chinese mobile giants intend to challenge the dominance of Google Play.

Partners are now completing preparations for the launch of the Global Developer Service Alliance (GDSA) platform. The platform is designed to facilitate the creators of games, music, films and other materials their promotion in foreign markets. Informants reported that GDSA was originally planned to be launched in March, although it is not yet clear how these plans will be affected by the outbreak of coronavirus.

The platform will initially cover nine “regions”, including India, Indonesia and Russia. Note that the share of these four manufacturers in the global smartphone market in the past quarter was 40.1%.

Analysts believe that GDSA can attract some application developers, giving them more chances for promotion than the already crowded Google Play store. In addition, the new platform may offer more attractive monetary incentives.

Google, whose services are banned in China, earned about $ 8.8 billion through the Play store in 2019. When selling content, including movies, books and applications, Play receives 30% commission.

All four companies and Google declined to comment.

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