China Unicom operator will use Nokia equipment in 5G core network

Nokia, a Finnish telecommunications equipment manufacturer, said its equipment will be used in China’s China Unicom’s 5G core network. China Unicom is one of the three leading Chinese telecom operators, sharing the market with China Mobile and China Telecom.

“China Unicom has chosen Nokia to build its 5G core network in China, which means expanding Nokia’s existing ties with the Chinese operator,” Nokia said.

The manufacturer said that it will supply 10% of all equipment purchased by China Unicom for the 5G core network. 5G equipment for China Unicom will also be supplied by Huawei and ZTE.

Despite this contract, Nokia is still weakly involved in the construction of Chinese 5G networks. In particular, the company was not able to receive a single order for equipment for radio networks, including antennas.

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