China Mobile rapidly captured the 5G market

China Mobile has more subscribers than all operators in South Korea.
China Mobile officially announced that at the end of January, the operator had built 74,000 5G base stations and attracted more than 6.7 million new subscribers in the fifth generation network.

This allowed China Mobile to get ahead of the South Korean operator KT and become the world’s largest operator that provides 5G services. It is worth noting that South Korea was the first to commercialize fifth-generation networks, but analysts immediately warned that China would eventually become the leader.

It is important to add that the commercial use of 5G networks in China began only in November 2019, six months after the operators of South Korea began to form user bases for subscribers of new generation networks.

Nevertheless, today only one Chinese operator China Mobile has more subscribers than all 5G-operators in South Korea – there are currently about 4 million of them.

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