China may weaken measures designed to stimulate the transition to electric cars to help automakers

China is considering temporarily easing quotas aimed at increasing electric vehicle production to help automakers heavily affected by the coronavirus pandemic revive falling sales. This was reported to Reuters by informants familiar with the matter.

Those who develop the rules of the game in the world’s largest automobile market can also postpone the introduction of a new emission limit for six months to help the auto industry, which lost 79% of sales in February alone. The fall in the current half year is projected at about 10%.

A similar step has already been taken with the United States. President Donald Trump’s administration abolished the rules adopted by his predecessor. Now, until 2026, a decrease in average fuel consumption by 1.5% per year is required, and not by 5%, as was previously envisaged.

As for electric vehicles, yesterday in China it was announced that subsidies for their purchase would be retained and that the purchase tax exemption would be extended for two years.

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