China launched the sale of hybrid SIM-cards that expand the memory of smartphones

After a series of tests, Ziguang Group and China-Unicom announced the start of sales and announced the prices of new chips called Super SIM. They not only work in networks of the fifth generation, but also significantly increase the amount of internal memory of smartphones without the use of microSD.

The key difference between the new “SIM cards” from traditional counterparts is the presence of built-in memory on which the user can place any information, thereby expanding the memory of the smartphone. If on ordinary SIM-cards only 512 KB of information is stored, then Super SIM is available in versions of 32, 64 and 128 GB.

The operation of the Super SIM drive is not much different from installing a microSD. There are no restrictions on the storage of information: you can either transfer a collection of custom photos, videos and music, or create backups. Moreover, all information is encrypted in order to maintain confidentiality.

Now the new format of Super SIM-cards is being tested in Guangzhou. The cost of SIM-cards directly depends on the amount of internal memory. For a 32-gigabyte “SIM” the price tag is set at $ 21.5, and the older version at 128 GB will cost users $ 87. Distribution of cards is carried out by the state-owned telecommunications company China Unicom. In case of successful testing, such cards will appear throughout the country.

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