China begins accepting orders for the killer Tesla Model 3

The car uses SoC Snapdragon 820A and Nvidia Xavier. The cost of Xiaopeng P7 starts at $ 34,500.

According to Chinese sources, the country has started accepting orders for Xiaopeng P7 – an electric car that locals have been waiting for a very long time. The novelty is presented as an ideal car for young people, and as its main competitor it is called Tesla Model 3. But just look at the pricing to understand that these models will compete only virtually, since Tesla Model 3 is much more expensive. Its price in China starts at $ 51,000, while the Xiaopeng P7 in the base rear-wheel drive configuration is estimated at about $ 34,500.

Xiaopeng P7 is offered in three versions and eight configurations, so potential buyers will have plenty to choose from. There are two rear-wheel drive versions (the second is with a high-capacity battery), the third version is all-wheel drive. The capacity of the batteries is not called a source, it is only reported that the power reserve of the all-wheel drive version exceeds 550 km in the sparing NEDC cycle (in reality it will be at least 100 km less), the rear-wheel drive is more than 650 km in the same NEDC cycle.

The power plant of the basic version is 196 kW, the torque is 390 N · m. In the top one, electric motors with a total power of 316 kW and a torque of 655 N · m are used. Acceleration to 100 km / h in the standard version takes 6.7 s, in all-wheel drive – 4.3 s. Well, stopping the car in a timely manner is the responsibility of Brembo calipers (in the database).

In the basic version, Xiaopeng P7 is equipped with frameless doors, a panoramic glass roof, dual-zone climate control, electrically adjustable front seats, the ability to open the car using a smartphone (using Bluetooth, not NFC), two screens and a multi-function steering wheel. The standard version has the usual cruise control, in the second version XPilot 2.5 appears – that is, adaptive cruise control, XPilot 3.0 technology is announced in the top version. That is, a more or less complete autopilot is not here and never will be. The Nvidia Xavier platform is responsible for driving assistants and related technologies, and the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820A single-chip platform is used in the auto infotainment system. It will be possible to update car firmware by air.

Xiaopeng P7 is 4880 mm long, 1896 mm wide and 1450 mm high. The length of the wheelbase is 2998 mm.

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