Cheap analogue of Galaxy Note: Samsung Galaxy A81 can get a stylus

In the current generation of Samsung Galaxy A smartphones, the A81 will probably be the strangest. It stands out with its camera, and design as a whole, and positioning, and the presence of a stylus – until that moment, only models of the Note line had it.

New rumors hint that the Galaxy A81 will be different from the entire line. Firstly, the catalog number of the upcoming news – SM-AN815F. And the problem here is that usually after the letters SM and hyphen one letter and a numerical index follow. In this case, we have two letters before the numerical index, and Samsung has nothing of the kind.

Unfortunately, you can only speculate here, but the source, given the second letter, suggests that the Galaxy A81 may be a copy of the Galaxy Note 10 Lite for a number of markets, because the letter N stands for the Galaxy Note line. This means that the Galaxy A81 will be the only one in the line with a stylus. But this is only an assumption.

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