MusicLab RealLPC [macOS]

You already know MusicLab acoustic guitar vst instrument RealGuitar. This is an electric one.

MusicLab – RealLPC is Les Paul Custom – the iconic guitar from the American company Gibson, which is played by thousands of musicians around the world. Both of these programs are virtual VSTi synth that mimic the sound of the listed guitars and are based on playing back pre-recorded samples and compatible with Guitar Rig Pro.

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Guitar Rig 5 Pro [macOS]

Native Instruments Guitar Rig – an emulator program of processes occurring in the guitar path. Developed by Native Instruments. Guitar Rig Pro is a virtual guitar processor, and is based on special algorithms for modeling processes occurring in various physical devices for electronic signal processing of an electric guitar. It has formats to enable both Guitar Rig VST plugin and RTAS. Allows you to play almost in real time, in the absence of a modern sound card.

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