Carbon 1 Mark II is the first carbon fiber smartphone in the world. It weighs only 125 g

When smartphones just started appearing, there were already those who shouted about the uniformity of design and about the fact that during the heyday of ordinary mobile phones with a variety of ideas it was much better.

However, now everything really has become that way. For one reason or another, manufacturers do not seek to experiment and take risks, copying from each other successful, as they think, ideas. So it was with the bang, like the iPhone, it was and is so with the design of the camera modules. Just look at the flagships of 2019 and try to understand who is who, at least from a couple of meters.

Against this background, the Carbon 1 Mark II smartphone seems like a breath of fresh air. Although it can not boast of some very futuristic or extremely unusual appearance, it is still different from all other relevant devices.

Firstly, its body is made of carbon fiber. This material was previously found on some Motorola smartphones and a number of other models, but there it was used as a coating. The case itself is made of carbon fiber. Due to this, the smartphone was able to make incredibly thin and light, especially against the background of other modern models. The thickness here is only 6.3 mm, and the mass is 125 g.

Of course, partly such overall dimensions are the merit of other features of the smartphone. Firstly, the screen here has a diagonal of 6 inches, that is, the smartphone by modern standards is quite compact (153.5 x 74 mm), secondly, the battery capacity is only 3050 mAh, and thirdly, it uses a special version of glass Gorilla Glass 6, the thickness of which is reduced from 0.6-0.8 to 0.4 mm.

Unfortunately, for many, the device has another drawback – the MediaTek P90 platform. As for the other characteristics, there is 8 GB of RAM, 128 GB of flash memory, a dual main camera with sensors of 16 megapixels, a front camera with a resolution of 20 megapixels, and Android 10 serves as the OS.

Another feature is that the creators of the smartphone sought to make it maintainable and their goal was 9-10 points from iFixit specialists. The company also notes that the smartphone uniquely implements cooling and amplification of the radio signal, since carbon fiber in this case is a problem.

Carbon 1 Mark II will go on sale in the summer. The cost is 800 euros. The smartphone will be sold in its native German market, as well as in some other European countries.

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