Canadian lab diagnostics giant pays ransom to hackers

The Canadian laboratory diagnostic giant LifeLabs admitted that it was hacked in November 2019 and paid a ransom to hackers on the advice of experts involved in the case. The amount of the repurchase was not disclosed.

LifeLabs representatives said that the attackers hacked into the company’s systems, extracted customer data from there, and then demanded a ransom for returning the information.

As a result of the attack, the information of 15 million LifeLabs customers turned out to be in the hands of the criminals, including their names, home addresses, email addresses, usernames, passwords and medical card numbers. Worse, in 85,000 cases, customer data also included laboratory findings. All information was dated 2016 and earlier.

Currently, a Canadian company with law enforcement continues to work on an investigation into what happened. It is emphasized that third-party cybersecurity experts rated the risks for affected customers as low, since the stolen data was not disclosed on the darknet or elsewhere. However, the victims were offered a year of free protection, which includes darknet monitoring and identity theft insurance.

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