Can I raise a million dollars to release a flash drive?

Bullet SSD – the smallest flash drive, demonstrating read and write speeds of 500 MB/s.

The Kickstarter website is raising funds for the release of the Bullet SSD flash drive. According to the creators of this device, Bullet SSD is the smallest flash drive, showing read and write speeds of 500 MB / s. With dimensions of 51 x 16 x 8 mm, it weighs 18 g. To connect to the host, the USB 3.2 Gen2 interface output to the USB-C connector is used. The kit includes an adapter for connecting to a USB-A connector.

The drive is offered in volumes of 1 and 2 TB. The minimum contributions that can be expected to receive devices in March 2020 were determined to be 89 and 149 dollars, respectively. Now they have already ended and the minimum amounts are 99 and 159 dollars, respectively.

The drive uses an SM2258XT controller and Micron’s TLC NAND flash memory.

The interest in the drive, designed as an aluminum keychain, turned out to be so great that more than 215,000 dollars have already been raised. Fundraising will continue for another 37 days, so this is not the final amount. Whether the authors of the project will be able to raise a million dollars is not known, but the campaign can already be considered successful, because its goal has been exceeded tenfold.

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