Now it’s clear where the cameras of Xiaomi flexible smartphone will go

A large number of smartphones with curving screens are expected to appear on the market next year. In addition to Samsung and Huawei, which will release Galxy Fold 2 and Huawei Mate Xs, other manufacturers will also join the race.

One of them will be Xiaomi, which showed a prototype smartphone with a screen bending from two places a few months ago. Presumably, the new product is called Xiaomi Mi Fold or Mi Flex. The smartphone was created in parallel with the Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha, but the latter turned out to be simpler in order to bring it to the market faster, although the launch was postponed to next year.

Recently, the China National Intellectual Property Office filed a patent filed by Xiaomi, which shows thumbnails of a smartphone similar to Xiaomi Mi Fold.

The sketches show the places where the front cameras of the novelty can be located. In one embodiment, the cameras are located in the central upper part in the center. According to another version, they will be in the corners of the screen in the unfolded state. In both versions, the cameras are embedded in the screen, that is, they will not be under its surface, as previously assumed. Although the sketch is not a 100 percent confirmation.

In any case, it seems that the manufacturer plans to use the same set of sensors for both main shooting scenarios and for taking selfies.

Recall that any patent is not a guarantee that such a device will eventually get to store shelves.

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