Cadillac Escalade driver will have 38-inch OLED display

Rightware said it has partnered with LG Electronics to develop graphics solutions for the industry’s first curved 38-inch OLED display. This display will be the centerpiece of the dashboard of the Cadillac Escalade 2021 model year. It is expected that the car will go on sale in late 2020.

Allegedly, the Rightware Kanzi software package allowed designers to take full advantage of real-time graphical information output capabilities.

The P-OLED panel displays more than just the instrument cluster. To the left of it is the control panel, and the right side of the screen is given to the infotainment system. According to the developers, a wide viewing angle of the screen and driver-oriented curvature are combined with high resolution, high brightness and the industry’s widest color gamut.

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