BYD solved one of the main problems of electric cars

More and more automakers are switching to electric cars. Meanwhile, modern batteries have a number of significant drawbacks. So, during an accident there is a high chance of ignition and explosion of the power source. The Chinese company BYD has developed a new battery design that surpasses analogues both in terms of safety and efficiency.

BYD announced the launch of its new Blade Battery. It has a number of key features that stand out from the competition:

  • Security. After the battery was pierced with a nail during the tests, it did not emit smoke, continuing to function, and its surface temperature rose only to 30-60 degrees. Under the same conditions, a three-component lithium battery caught fire and heated up to 500 degrees. In addition, during the tests, the Blade Battery was placed in an oven (about 300 degrees), but the battery continued to function normally.
  • Increased capacity. Blade Battery has an improved structure, so that the use of battery space is increased by more than 50% compared with conventional batteries.

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