BYD Han – The World’s First 5G Series Production Car

Chinese company BYD announced that its electrified Han car will be the first 5G-enabled production car in the world. It will use Huawei technology. And it’s not about the banal use of the 5G modem for distributing the Internet to everyone in the car. Huawei HiCar technology is deeply integrated into the car infotainment system, for example, it is connected to the work of the DiPilot intelligent driving assistance system – with a self-learning function. In fact, this is a self-learning autopilot, but not the maximum level. Also, via HiCar, remote start and opening of the car via a smartphone works.

BYD Han comes in two flavors: fully electric and hybrid. The electric one can be single-engine (222 hp, front-wheel drive) or twin-engine (an electric motor is also added at the rear with a capacity of 272 hp, the drive is full). Acceleration to 100 km / h – 7.9 and 3.9 s, respectively. In the first version, the traction battery capacity is 65 kW · h, in the second – 76.8 kW · h, but the cruising range is about the same – about 500 km in the NEDC cycle.

The rechargeable hybrid (called Han DM) combines a 2.0 liter 192-liter turbocharged gasoline engine. and a 245 hp electric motor mounted on the rear axle. The dynamics here are also very good: from 0 to 100 km / h, the hybrid accelerates in 4.7 s. The capacity of the hybrid traction battery is 15.2 kWh; the maximum mileage on electricity is 81 km. Prices have already been announced: from $ 32,300 to $ 39,300.

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