Broadcom reports fiscal year 2019

Annual revenue reached $ 22.6 billion.
Broadcom recently published a report for the next quarter, and since it completed the fourth quarter of fiscal year 2019 on November 3, the report also includes data for the entire year as a whole.

The quarter brought the producer $ 5.776 billion in revenue, an increase of 6% in annual terms. Compared to the third quarter, this indicator increased by 5%.

Operating profit amounted to $ 1,054 billion. For comparison: a year ago this indicator was equal to 1.652 billion dollars, and in the previous quarter – 865 million dollars.

The quarter resulted in a net profit of $ 847 million. A year ago, net profit was $ 1.115 billion, and a quarter ago – $ 715 million.

If we talk about the year as a whole, revenue grew from $ 20.848 billion to $ 22.597 billion, that is, 8%. Operating profit amounted to $ 3.444 billion, net profit – $ 2.724 billion.

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