Broadcom has Ethernet switches with a bandwidth of 25.6 Tb/s

They joined the StrataXGS Tomahawk 4 family.
A description of the Ethernet chips of the StrataXGS Tomahawk 4 family has appeared in the new products section on the Broadcom website. They are summarized in the BCM56990 series.

The bandwidth of the BCM56990 is 25.6 Tbps. So far, this is the only Ethernet switch with this bandwidth.

The series includes models with up to 64 Blackhawk7 series-parallel and parallel-series converters. This allows you to receive port configurations of 64 × 400GbE, 128 × 200GbE, 256 × 100GbE, 256 × 40GbE, 256 × 25GbE and 256 × 10GbE ports on a single switch. This chip has 31 billion transistors. At 7 nm, it is manufactured by TSMC.

BCM56990 trial samples are already being delivered to cloud computing providers such as Microsoft and Alibaba.

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