Broadcom BCM4389 – the world’s first chip for mobile devices that supports Wi-Fi 6E

It also supports bluetooth 5.
Broadcom introduced the BCM4389 chip. The novelty is intended for mobile devices. It integrates the units needed to support Wi-Fi 6E and Bluetooth 5.

The Wi-Fi 6E designation was adopted by the Wi-Fi Alliance to distinguish between Wi-Fi 6 devices capable of operating at 6 GHz. The use of channels with a width of 160 MHz allows such devices to be twice as fast as devices that support Wi-Fi 5. In the case of the BCM4389, the actual speed exceeds 2 Gb / s. In addition, a significant gain in energy efficiency (up to five times) is provided, which is especially valuable in the case of smartphones and other devices powered by a battery.

Another innovation in the BCM4389 is the use of the MIMO architecture for Bluetooth, which ensures high stability of the connection. The manufacturer also notes that in addition to the main radio frequency units Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, a third, independent, ultra-low power consumption is integrated in the BCM4389. It allows you to optimize the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. In particular, it provides continuous Bluetooth detection for faster pairing and reduced interference, faster scanning of Wi-Fi networks, improving location accuracy, and reducing power consumption.

Of course, the benefits of the BCM4389 will unfold in the full ecosystem of Wi-Fi 6E, including routers, gateways, access points and headsets. It is expected that a wide range of devices with support for 6 GHz will be available later this year.

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