Bose closes more than 100 stores worldwide and fires staff

119 stores will be closed in the USA, Europe, Japan and Australia.
Founded in 1964, the private American corporation Bose is engaged in the development and production of audio equipment and sells its products worldwide.

This week, company representatives confirmed that over the next few months, Bose will close a huge number of its retail stores in various regions of the world. Hundreds of employees will be fired as a result of the closure of stores, but they will receive termination benefits.

Bose will gradually close retail stores in the USA, Europe, Japan and Australia, a total of 119 stores will be closed. At the same time, the company will have 130 stores in China and the UAE, as well as points in India, Southeast Asia and South Korea.

Today, Bose sells its products on Best Buy, Amazon, Target, Apple Store sites, in third-party retail stores, and on its own Bose website.

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