Bosch introduced the “digital guardian angel” for motorcyclists. Help Connect service will be launched in Germany

Automatic emergency call systems for road accidents are already operating in many countries, including Russia. But they work only in cars. Bosch introduced a similar Help Connect service for motorcycles.

The company itself calls its system a “digital guardian angel.” Help Connect should work quite simply. When the motorcycle equipment understands that an accident has occurred, it sends the appropriate signal to the Bluetooth-connected smartphone, which, in turn, immediately calls the rescue service.

The sensor, responsible for “understanding” the situation, tracks acceleration and angular velocity about 100 times per second. At the same time, Bosch notes that, for example, when a motorcycle falls in a parking lot, the system will not call anywhere.

In case of an emergency, Help Connect will send to the emergency service, as well as the Bosch center, all the necessary information, including the scene of the incident. The system can also notify selected personal contacts of the motorcycle owner.

Bosch reports that its development will initially be launched in Germany, but the company does not indicate any deadlines.

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