BMW has sold half a million electric cars

By 2030, half of all BMW models will be powered by electric motors.
BMW has reported on a major achievement related to cars in alternative power plants: the company has sold more than half a million electrified cars. In honor of this, a colorful video has appeared on BMW’s official Twitter page.

Different companies count electric models in different ways: someone refers to them only clean electric cars, someone else and different hybrids. In BMW, apparently, they adhere to the second approach, because the video talks about “electrified cars”. Tesla, on the contrary, produces pure electric cars, and their number will soon exceed one million.

However, BMW is not going to sit back: the company has already approved a plan for the electrification of the model range – by 2030 half of all BMW models will have electric power plants. Well, the mark of a million electrified cars should be submitted to the company within two years.

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