Bill Gates finally left Microsoft for charity

Bill Gates, who founded Microsoft in 1975, resigned as CEO in 2008, but has since remained on the board of directors of his brainchild. Now he has officially announced his full departure from the company. In his address, Gates spoke about the reasons for the decision and plans for the future.

Bill Gates left the board of directors of not only Microsoft, but also the Berkshire Hathaway investment fund. The main reason for this decision was the desire to devote himself entirely to charity and philanthropy, including health care, education and the fight against climate change. In particular, Bill Gates and his wife Melinda donated $ 100 million to fight the coronavirus COVID-19.

However, Gates noted that Microsoft will remain an important part of his life. He intends to continue to liaise with the current CEO represented by Satya Nadella and other members of the management as a technical consultant to help form a vision for the development of the company and the achievement of ambitious goals.

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