Bill Gates bought the world’s first hydrogen fuel cell yacht

For 644 million dollars.
Automobiles with hydrogen fuel cells are not new, although it is extremely difficult to meet such a car on the road even in those countries where they are officially sold.

Whether this direction of the automotive market will be developed is not yet clear, but it has now become known about a new vehicle using hydrogen as a fuel.

Reportedly, Bill Gates acquired the world’s first hydrogen yacht. Sinot Aqua – 113 meter yacht, worth $ 644 million, using liquid hydrogen as fuel. For its storage, the yacht will have two 28-ton airtight tanks, cooled to a temperature of -253 ° C. The ship is driven by two electric motors with a capacity of 1 MW each. The maximum speed of the yacht is 17 knots (about 32 km / h), cruising range – 6000 km. Considering that there are no gas stations for such a yacht in every port, it is equipped with a spare diesel engine.

The yacht itself will be ready in 2024.

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