Bethesda cancels jubilee QuakeCon due to coronavirus pandemic

In 2020, gamers are left without major exhibitions and festivals. Bethesda and id Software announced the cancellation of the jubilee QuakeCon due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Unfortunately, this time the event was not rescheduled, but completely canceled.

Representatives of the studios said that the situation with coronavirus could improve by August, when they planned to host QuakeCon, but the participants in the festival probably would not have time to prepare for it. At the same time, companies noted that they would consider other options for organizing QuakeCon. Perhaps Bethesda Softworks is thinking about moving the festival (or rather, only parts of it) online. However, a full-fledged QuakeCon in 2020 will not take place. Fans will have to wait for next year.

Coronavirus has already deprived gamers of Electronic Entertainment Expo 2020 and Game Developers Conference 2020. Some studios have promised to hold alternative events online, and Sony has generally turned the material for the developer conference into a presentation of the technical characteristics of the PlayStation 5, which gamers didn’t really like.

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