Bandcamp will support artists in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic

The service will not charge a fee … in one day.
The American company Bandcamp, which owns the eponymous online music store, known as a platform for the promotion of novice performers, announced a decision to support artists affected by the spread of coronavirus.

According to Bandcamp, due to the cancellation of performances and tours, they can not count on this significant revenue stream in the foreseeable future. To help musicians and draw attention to the problem, the service will abandon its commission, and will completely list all the proceeds from the sale of compositions to their authors. The action is scheduled for March 20 and will last 24 hours.

“For many artists, one day of increased sales can mean whether they can pay the rent or not,” the company said. The service clarifies that this is of course not enough and offers its thoughts on how talents and their fans can overcome temporary difficulties together.

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