Baidu and Samsung Electronics are ready to start production of artificial intelligence accelerators

The specialized Baidu KUNLUN processor is designed for 14 nm release.
Baidu, the Chinese Internet search giant, and Samsung Electronics, a South Korean company with advanced semiconductor manufacturing, have announced that Baidu KUNLUN, the first artificial intelligence accelerator, has completed development. Serial production of Baidu KUNLUN will begin early next year.

Baidu KUNLUN is based on proprietary XPU neural processor architecture. A specialized processor is designed for 14 nm production and the use of I-Cube packaging technology.

The new processor is characterized by 512 GB / s memory bandwidth and 260 TOPS performance with a power consumption of 150 watts. It allows Ernie, a pre-trained neural model for processing natural language data, to draw inferences three times faster than using GPU or FPGA acceleration.

Baidu expects KUNLUN to accelerate AI workloads such as search ranking, speech recognition, image processing, natural language processing, self-driving and deep learning.

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