AWS Launches Initiative To Help Overcome COVID-19

35 research institutes and companies participate in the launch of the initiative.
The emergency caused by the COVID-19 pandemic prompted Amazon to use its Amazon Web Services (AWS) business to assist in the research and development of COVID-19 quick and accurate diagnostics.

Amazon has launched the Diagnostic Development Initiative, a support program for those working on diagnostic solutions. It is expected that it will help to quickly bring more advanced designs to the market and promote cooperation between organizations working in this field.

As part of the initiative, Amazon provides an initial investment of $ 20 million. Funding will come from AWS in-kind loans and technical support to help research teams harness the full potential of the cloud to solve this problem.

The program will be open to accredited research institutions and private organizations that use AWS to support research-oriented workloads to develop diagnostics at care centers. Given the current situation, the initial focus will be on COVID-19, but Amazon will also consider other projects for the diagnosis of infectious diseases.

A third-party council consisting of scientists, specialists in the field of health and the diagnosis of infectious diseases will help determine priorities. The initiative is launched by 35 research institutes and companies.

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