Avast has been selling user data for six years.

Antivirus is designed to prevent your data from falling into the hands of attackers. Avast really protected against this, but at the same time he actively collected and sold user data.

After an internal investigation, Mozilla and Opera decided to remove Avast tools from their stores, as they found out that the antivirus systematically collected user data, putting it up for sale to interested parties.

The head of the company tried to justify himself, saying that before the data gets to the buyer, all the strings that can lead to a particular user are removed from them. Moreover, the sale is conducted only to trusted companies that will use them to monitor user preferences on the network and other statistical information.

However, the founder of Adblock Plus Vladimir Palant does not agree with this. He believes that Avast has unprecedented access to the system, which means that there is no exact information about what the company’s management is actually trading. Founder Avast strongly disagrees with such allegations, saying that advertising brought only 5% of revenue with a total gross profit of 430 million.

At present, it is not clear how the scandal will end, but representatives of Mozilla and Opera said that they would return Avast tools to stores only after a full check on the safety of user data. It is also reported that such “work” has been going on since 2013, when Jumpshot was founded, which conducts subversive activities on 400 million PCs and smartphones.

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