Available smartphones with SoC Snapdragon 865 may simply not be

The new flagship Realme prophesy the price, almost like the Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro.
So far, manufacturers have introduced only a few smartphones with SoC Snapdragon 865, but they are all very expensive. Even the new Xiaomi flagships have become much more expensive than their predecessors.

But will there be any “folk” flagships with the top Qualcomm platform? As long as there are hints that there will be none. If you believe the latest data, the new flagship Realme will also be expensive.

The X2 Pro 5G model supposedly will cost $ 700, while the Realme X2 Pro started at $ 390 and even in the top-end configuration cost less than $ 500. Given that Realme is positioning itself, like Xiaomi, we can assume that the high price of the new product is a necessary measure, and not a whim of the manufacturer.

True, it is likely that $ 700 is the price of the most expensive version of the new flagship, so the base one will be significantly cheaper. But still, it will obviously not be 400 or even 500 dollars.

If the new flagship Realme, which can be presented on February 24, really starts at $ 700, then the hope of getting a relatively affordable smartphone with the SoC Snapdragon 865 will “move” to the new OnePlus and Redmi K30 Pro.

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