Astronomers photographed the surface of the Sun in record resolution [VIDEO]

American experts published a video of the surface of the Sun recorded in high resolution. A special ground-based telescope, designed to study the luminary, captured in detail the portion of the star with an area of more than 200 million square kilometers.

In a published video, the Inouye Solar Telescope (IST) shows five times higher resolution than the Dunn Solar Telescope, which previously shot the Sun. On the hot plasma section of 19,000 x 10,700 kilometers, “honeycomb-like” structures are clearly visible. New optics allowed scientists to consider details that are three times smaller than they could capture before. According to experts of the National Science Foundation, in the first five years of observation, new astronomical equipment will allow us to collect more data about the Sun than has been obtained for all times since the observations of Galileo in 1612.

The giant “nuclear reactor” burns 5 million tons of hydrogen per second. Thanks to this, the existence of life on Earth is possible. It is expected that with a 4-meter aperture (f / 2.0), a record for solar telescopes, the new design will allow you to create a map of magnetic fields in the corona of the Sun and help scientists better understand how their changes can affect life on Earth.

This is the first experimental video shot with IST – the telescope is still under construction. By the time it is officially commissioned, it will be the most powerful solar telescope in the world.

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