Artificial trees named the best technology of 2019

The authors of the famous magazine Popular Science at the end of each year take stock and choose the best technology. This time, an honorary prize was the development of artificial trees that can clean the planet, preventing global warming.

The mechanical tree was developed by Klaus Liner, a professor at Arizona State University, and his colleagues with support from Silicon Kingdom Holdings. According to the creator, this is the world’s first passive direct air capture technology.

MechanicalTree is a fully finished commercial product. The description of the development says that a forest of 1200 such trees is able to clean the air of more carbon dioxide than any previous development of mankind.

A phased “planting” of such trees is planned for 2020. The large-scale plan includes the installation of 120 thousand devices, which, occupying 2-3 square kilometers, will be able to collect 4 million tons of carbon dioxide per year. Globally, 250 large farms will be able to capture one gigaton of carbon dioxide, which is more than 2% of global emissions.

The proposed technology for collecting carbon dioxide does not require additional energy supply. Trees made in the form of metal columns rely on the wind to trap particles of gas and process them into a product that can then be reused. All this makes such devices economical and inexpensive. Additionally, it is indicated that the effectiveness of artificial trees is a thousand times higher than in wildlife. This should lead to an expansion of the geography of new technology.

According to the creators, in the next 10-15 years, thanks to artificial trees, it will be possible not only to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, but also to begin to solve the problem of global warming.

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