Artificial intelligence created a new powerful antibiotic

With each passing day, AI capabilities are increasingly being attracted by scientists, research laboratories, and physicians, since the algorithm of neural networks allows finding the solution to the problem that could take decades to take a person as quickly as possible.

The next achievement of the “digital brain” in the field of medicine was the discovery of a new effective antibiotic, superior in effectiveness to existing analogues.

According to researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), artificial intelligence was set up so that in just a few days to analyze 100 million chemicals. During the study, neural networks revealed a substance with antibiotic properties.

Having identified a potentially new bacterial neutralizer, scientists tested it on mice. The experiment lasted for 30 days, after which the researchers concluded that the bacteria did not have the effect of resistance to the new substance, which means that the antibiotic found by artificial intelligence was more effective than the drugs already sold in pharmacies.

“Our approach has revealed this amazing molecule. Perhaps it is one of the most powerful antibiotics that have been discovered in the history of medicine. We called the new substance “galitsin”, ”the researchers said.

According to one of the co-authors of the development of James Collins, the use of AI can be a promising area in pharmacology, since neural networks can significantly reduce the cost of antibiotic research, thereby reducing their cost.

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