Arnold from Rivia. Neural network replaced Cavill with Schwarzenegger in The Witcher [VIDEO]

DeepFake’s neural network technology is no longer as surprising as it used to be – but this is only because there are less and less funny situations that can make viewers perceive something familiar from a completely new angle. Thanks to the author of The Fake Report, it became clear that Arnold Schwarzenegger would fit perfectly into the image of the witcher Geralt.

Due to the similarity of the types of Henry Cavill and the well-deserved “Terminator” Arnold Schwarzenegger, this “dipfake” turned out to be just hilarious. The old men will surely cry, remembering how Iron Arnie once shone in Conan.

The Fake Report also has a more ridiculous work, the role of Geralt in which was assigned to Will Smith – it turned out an extremely non-standard version of Slavic fantasy. Of course, the blogger did not forget about Keanu Reeves. By the way, a little less than a week ago another funny video appeared on the network, the author of which added Mads Mikkelsen to the series The Witcher. It turned out strange.

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