Are you ready to replace home “optics” with 5G?

Most respondents already want to do this.
The results of a new study related to fifth-generation networks indicates that 5G support may be one of the main factors when choosing smartphones next year.

67% of respondents said they would change their smartphone to a 5G-enabled model when affordable models appeared on sale and fifth-generation networks increased their coverage. 16% said that for them, 5G support in the next smartphone will be the most important moment.

Interestingly, most users are already ready to replace home “optics” with 5G. 62% of respondents said that if a 5G router or 5G smartphone provides a speed comparable to the speed of data transmission via fiber optic cable, they will replace home Internet with 5G.

More than 40% of generation Z users born around the early to mid-2000s said they would play more mobile video games with 5G popularity, and 35% said that 5G would help to promote improved augmented and virtual gadgets reality.

The number of 5G subscribers in China exceeded 870,000 in the first 20 days. Since October of this year, Chinese shipments of 5G-enabled mobile phones began to grow rapidly. In October, shipments reached 2.449 million units.

According to GSMA, the 5G user base in China will reach 34 million people in 2020, and by 2025 there will be 600 million 5G users in China. By then, China will account for 40% of 5G users. In this regard, China will surpass the United States and most of Europe in total.

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