Apple will reach $ 2 trillion in market capitalization very quickly, but there is a company that costs so much now


Apple was the first to reach $ 1 trillion in market capitalization. After that, Apple lost and regained its leadership position.

Now the capitalization of the Cupertian giant is $ 1.38 trillion, since Apple stocks have been actively growing in price over the past six months. The competitors of the company represented by Alphabet, Amazon and Microsoft are left behind, although the latter is not far behind (its capitalization is 1.25 trillion dollars).

Analyst Wedbush believes that Apple will be the first among the leaders of the IT market who reaches $ 2 trillion in market capitalization, and will do so by the end of next year.

One of the factors that will provide Apple with the necessary growth will be the release of smartphones with 5G support, which are expected this fall.

True, Apple’s overall leadership will probably have to be forgotten for a very long time. The fact is that at the end of last year, Saudi Aramco, an oil giant from Saudi Arabia, went public. And the capitalization of this giant is now about 2 trillion dollars.


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