Apple will open stores in the first half of April. But not all at once

Apple told employees that the company plans to start opening its Apple retail stores in the first half of April. The company warned that the stores would not open immediately, they would resume work gradually. Probably, in regions where a large number of patients with a new coronavirus have been recorded, they will not rush with the discovery.

We will open our stores in stages. Currently, we expect some stores to open in the first half of April, depending on the conditions in their community. We will provide accurate data for each store as soon as specific dates are set.

Apple closed all its stores outside of China on March 14, at that time it was announced that they would remain closed until March 27. This date was later extended with vague wording on the Apple Store, which stated that stores would be closed “until further notice.”

Deidre O’Brien, head of Apple’s retail department, told employees that the remote work will last until April 5, after which stores plan to reopen for visitors.

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