Apple will go to a new level – into space

The company’s secret team is working on satellite technology.
They can allow you to connect all iPhone to each other, bypassing mobile operators.
Today, any smartphone has only a few options for connecting (in a generalized sense) to a particular global network. These are mobile communications and mobile Internet provided by mobile operators, this is Wi-Fi connection provided by providers, as well as GPS and similar global positioning systems.

All these options are conditionally common to all smartphones and do not depend on the manufacturers of these very smartphones. And it seems that Apple has decided to create a fourth type of connection, which itself will control.

According to a source, the company has a secret team of about ten people working on satellite technology. The project is at an early stage, it is designed for five years and may well be canceled. But this is not a rumor, as the information was personally confirmed by Tim Cook.

It is reported that there is no clear understanding of the direction in which the satellites will work. Presumably, satellites will allow Apple smartphones to connect with each other and with the company’s servers, bypassing the usual communication channels. This will allow Apple to fully control the relevant processes, not depend on operators and providers, as well as, for example, completely control the location of all devices.

However, there is no information on whether Apple works directly on satellites, only on their equipment or on ground equipment. But on the other hand, it is known that the company plans to launch about 3,000 satellites to create a network.

It is also known that the team is led by Michael Trela ​​and John Fenwick, former aerospace engineers who joined Apple in 2017. For the first year and a half, they worked only on the concept, but several months ago they began concrete work on the project.

Of course, it is worth recalling that in 2017, the information just appeared on the Web regarding Apple’s interest in the Boeing project, which provides for the launch of more than 1000 low-orbit satellites. This is exactly the same project, so it is likely that Boeing will be Apple’s partner.

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