Apple Watch is not able to detect atrial fibrillation in some cases

Smart watches Apple Watch – the most popular in the world. No other model even comes close to Apple Watch sales figures. There are many reasons for this. Including the capabilities of this watch to track various health indicators.

Every year we hear a lot of stories about how Apple Watch saves lives. One of the features of a watch is the definition of atrial fibrillation. However, Apple watches are still not a medical device, and new studies indicate that you can not rely on them.

One recent study showed that the Apple Watch did not record atrial fibrillation in about a third of cases, and another did show that the watch only found a problem in 41% of cases.

The reason is that, and Apple itself admitted, its watch is unable to detect atrial fibrillation with a heart rate of over 120 beats per minute. According to statistics, the average heart rate during arrhythmia is 109 beats per minute, but, firstly, it can reach 175 beats, and secondly, statistics take into account many patients taking certain drugs that lower the pulse.

The conclusion from this is simple: you should not rely on the Apple Watch, since this is not a medical device and its capabilities are much narrower. On the other hand, the watch has already saved many lives, and many of those people without the Apple Watch might not have been there.

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